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Bizbell Private Limited Partners with French Water Intelligence Company

Bizbell Private Limited, a leading hydropower investment firm and independent power producer based in Kathmandu, Nepal, has officially signed a strategic partnership agreement with BWI (Blue Water Intelligence), a technology-based water intelligence company headquartered in Toulouse, France.

BWI specializes in the monitoring of continental surface water reserves and the forecasting of inland water quality, level, volumes and river discharge worldwide. The company aims to generate value from Earth observation data by providing subscription-based artificial intelligence solutions to governments and companies involved in managing water resources.

The partnership between Bizbell and BWI marks an important milestone in the field of water resource forecasting, as it brings together their complementary expertise and resources to address the growing challenges of water monitoring and conservation. With Bizbell’s extensive experience in the renewable energy sector and ambitious plans for developing 1000 MW of hydropower projects, the partnership is well-positioned to make significant contributions to sustainability.

The official signing of the partnership agreement took place at the premises of Business France, with representatives from both companies in attendance last week. Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Sushil Pokharel, Founder of Bizbell emphasized “the critical need for hydrological data in the Nepali hydropower industry. In this context, BWI’s cutting-edge technology will help us to predict actual power generation against contract energy with offtaker”.

Jeremy Fain, CEO of BWI, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “because of its high speed demographic growth, South Asia is one of the regions with most urgency in increasing energy production to avoid a social crisis. Hydropower, a renewable energy that is also the expertise of Bizbell, is one of the solutions to make this regional development sustainable. It’s an honor for us work together with Bizbell to unleash the hydropower potential of Nepal and to contribute to serving South Asian populations in clean energy. After Nepal, the next step will be to partner with Bizbell to develop hydropower production capacity on the African continent.”

Jean-François Ambrósio, Geographical Coordinator – Asia and South Pacific at Business France, commented, “The memorandum of understanding signed between Bizbell and BWI is the perfect example of the complementarities between Nepal and France: the potential of Nepal in hydropower thanks to second-to-none attributes such as the Himalaya Mountains, with the software know-how of French Tech players such as BWI. We’re very happy at Business France to see this growing partnership between Nepal and France materialize into business orders.”.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Bizbell Private Limited

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BWI (Blue Water Intelligence)

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Business France

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About Bizbell Private Limited: Bizbell Private Limited is a Nepal-based hydropower investment firm and independent power producer. As a responsible investor, Bizbell is committed to driving change for a sustainable world and actively engages with local communities through the development of hydropower projects in remote areas of Nepal. Bizbell is also the sole representative of Nepal at the International Hydropower Association.

About BWI: BWI, which is an acronym for Blue Water Intelligence, is a French technology-based water intelligence company specializing in the monitoring of continental surface water reserves and the forecasting of water quality, level, volume and river discharge. BWI leverages advanced artificial intelligence and Earth observation data to provide innovative solutions for managing water resources worldwide.

About Business France: Business France, the French trade and investment agency, is responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, and facilitating international investment in France. Present in 55 countries, Business France helps French SME to export to +100 countries.

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